Aggressive representation for clients throughout
the Prince George's County, Maryland region.
Advocacy for Personal Injury and Family/Criminal Law Matters.


Mr. Baker initially began representing our family business in 1970 and has continued to handle our business affairs including franchising, distribution agreements, employee issues, pensions, profit sharing and other business activities. In addition his firm has handled personal injury cases, domestic matters and driving offences for employees and their family members throughout those years all to their great satisfaction. We would hope to continue to enjoy the firm's representation and will continue refer others to them.

- Brock C. Swartz, President Swartz & Sons Distributers, Inc.

As a business owner and consultant I have utilized the services of Mr. Baker and his firm since the mid 70's I referred other clients for business and tax problems as well as personal injury, family relations and various administrative and criminal matters and will continue to do so in the future. Everyone I have sent has expressed great satisfaction with the firm's representation.

- Joseph Carr, President and CEO Earl's Discount Auto Parts, Inc.

Mr. Baker began representation of my auto repair business in the mid 70's he has represented me in real estate matters as well as significant personal injury matters involving my wife and other family members to great satisfaction. He has also represented a number of persons we have referred to his firm again to their satisfaction and we will continue to do so.

- Thomas Gaianos

I have been the sole proprietor of a small hair dressing business in Washington, D.C. since the early 60's. I was referred to Mr. Baker by a family member who he represented in his construction business. Mr. Baker has represented me in business entities, personal injuries and other matters I have referred family members, customers and friends to his firm with great satisfaction.

- Mattie Renee Shepard

As a licensed real estate broker and agent in the Metropolitan area. I have utilized the services and advice of Mr. Baker in numerous areas regarding my real estate practice as well as collection matters. I have also had the opportunity and good fortune to be able to refer friends and clients to his firm to assist in their problems which he has done in a professional and highly successful manner throughout.

- Robin Taylor

I am a board certified physician practicing in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. I and my professional colleagues have utilized the services and the advice of Mr. Baker for the past 35 years in the exercise of our business and professional activities. I have also referred family members to his firm as well as patients for matters involving personal injury, financial difficulties and family matters and will continue to do so.

- Andres Olaciregui, M.D.

I am a fmily practice physician practicing in Prince George's County, Maryland. I have known and had Mr. Baker represent myself and my family members in numerous personal matters over the years as well as having represented numerous patients whose matters his firm has resolved to their complete and full satisfaction.

- Ciro Montanez, M.D.

I am a primary care physician and director of a multi-member family practice with numerous offices in Prince George's County, Maryland including Hyattsvffle, Bowie, and Riverdale. I am a past president of the Maryland Medical Association. I have known Mr. Baker for approximately 40 years and has served with him on various public service boards such as the County Health Planning Activities committee. I have for years referred patients to his firm for primarily personal injury but also for other matters all of whom have been professionally and ethically served.

- J. Richard Lilly, M.D.; J. Richard Lilly & Associates